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About Us

Solving Security and Communications Challenges

Quintron is a solutions-driven engineering and manufacturing firm with half a century of proven performance in the design, development, installation and integration of Business and Mission Critical Communications and Security solutions. Quintron’s reputation for high-quality products and engineered solutions is paralleled by its commitment to ongoing product development and system support.

Quintron is passionate about the success of every project and we are obsessed with our customer’s satisfaction. It is Quintron’s mission to be responsive to customer requirements by delivering cost effective, high quality solutions on time and within budget.

Throughout Quintron’s history, federal, state, local and international agencies of the government, including the DoD, the Intelligence Community, NASA, major prime contractors and private industries have depended on Quintron to deliver state of the art solutions to address evolving Business and Mission Critical Communications and Security challenges.

Business and Mission Critical Communications Solutions
For over 40 years, Quintron’s voice communications systems have supported major command and control centers in rocket launch, range operations, satellite control, battlefield simulations, and Test and Training Range applications. These systems have incorporated features that provide unique operational capabilities required by our users. The systems provide complete interoperability between disparate, previously incompatible communications systems deployed by multiple government agencies and private enterprise; resulting in a fully integrated communications solution.

Protection for Your People and Assets
Quintron’s security and surveillance solutions are based on proven industry standards, integrating off-the-shelf hardware with innovative approaches to the most challenging applications. From small access control systems to sophisticated high-security solutions requiring the integration of multiple technologies, we provide a wide range of solutions to address our customer’s needs.

Quintron is uniquely positioned to engineer leading edge technology solutions that evolve to meet the future communications and security requirements of any organization.