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Mission Accomplished. Again and Again.

With a history spanning nearly five decades, the story of Quintron Systems, Inc. begins as a small start-up in southern California and continues today as a leading security and communications company that operates in some of the world's most challenging environments.



Quintron Systems, Inc is incorporated in Southern California by three enterprising ITT Engineers. Their goal: to provide high quality communications solutions within a growing Orange County market. Ironically, the first contract awarded the young company was in Hawaii.


The Launchpad

Quintron is awarded a contract for the operations and maintenance of communications at Vandenberg Air Force Base. A contract which we held for over 21 years.


DICES I is Born

Quintron begins development of the first Digital Integrated Communications Electronic System One (DICES I) in response to requirements to provide an integrated solution for the Space Shuttle Program at Vandenberg Air Force Base.


DICES I Takes Flight

DICES I is selected for installation in support of the Peacekeeper ICBM Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) program.



Quintron is awarded the Communications Operations and Maintenance Contract at Dryden Flight Research Center.


The Release of DICES II

Quintron Communication Systems support the first launch of the Small ICBM.

Quintron Introduces its upgraded communications System DICES II


To the Moon

Quintron Communication Systems supports the launch of the Clementine Mission to the Moon

Quintron is chosen by Spaceport Systems International (SSI) to design, develop and install the launch support and communications infrastructure at the California Commercial Spaceport and the Integrated Processing Facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Space Launch Complex 6

Quintron designs and delivers a simplified communications system for the Athena Launch Control Center. Athena became the first launch vehicle to successful launch from Space Launch Complex 6 on Vandenberg Air Force Base.



Quintron further improves its communication solution and introduces DICES III incorporating the ability to handle classified and unclassified communications in a singular platform.

DICES III is chosen by Boeing Sea Launch Commercial Services to provide communications on board the Launch Platform and Command Ship.



DICES III is installed in over 60 locations with over 5000 system ports. Customers include multiple NASA and Department of Defense sites worldwide.


And Here Comes IV

Quintron introduces an upgraded DICES solution, DICES IV.


Innovate, Innovate

DICES IV is selected by USSTRATCOM for installation in their Global Operation Center (GOC).

Quintron introduces the first generation of the DICES VoIP solution.


VoIP Takes Off

Colsa selects DICES VoIP to support communications for scientists and experimenters to communicate with the International Space Station.


Quintron Plugs In

Quintron acquires RA Electric, incorporating a high voltage capability for infrastructure and construction support through the Los Angeles area.


VoIP Wins Again

DICES VoIP is chosen as the communications solution for the entire White Sands Missile Range Test and Training Environment.


...And Again

United Launch Alliance selects DICES VoIP for the upgrade of all Delta and Atlas Launch Facilities at Vandenberg AFB and Cape Canaveral AFS.


...And Again

USSTRATCOM chooses DICES VoIP for installation within the new Global Operations Center at Offutt Air Force Base.


Quintron Keeps Reaching

Quintron has grown into a full-service business and mission critical communications, audio, visual and security solutions provider. It has installed systems to support the local community college, a nearby university, entire metropolitan school districts, and satellite control centers. The company has expanded all over the United States and across the globe.

Let's solve your challenge.