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Airspace Operations Lab - NASA Ames

Project Description:

Quintron has supported the AOL lab since 2008. An early version of Quintron’s VoIP system has successfully been supporting the mission for almost a decade. Quintron was awarded the project to upgrade their VoIP system to a more IA security friendly posture and update the software applications to a current release. This work and upgrade is now in progress.

Project Goals and Objectives

The Airspace Operations Lab evaluates Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts and explores human-system interaction issues in a simulation environment designed to allow rapid prototyping of NextGen concepts. This environment allows simulations of aircraft, ATM systems and communication infrastructure for both current day operations and a variety of future, highly automated concepts. Controller workstations are realistic emulations of today's in-route, Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and oceanic systems, enhanced with various AOL-developed decision support tools and automated functions.

Our main research goal is to evaluate future ATM systems and associated human-system interactions. These findings help the ATM community to understand how these potential issues relate to NextGen concepts, and can lead to better understanding of roles and responsibilities for human operators and automation in future ATM systems.

Quintron, in support of these goals, provided its core VoIP system with a custom client application running on laptops that simulate the exact screens and functions of the actual FAA communications interfaces.

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