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United Launch Alliance – Atlas V / Delta IV

Project Description:

DICES VoIP Upgrade for previous DICES III and IV deployed systems.

Project Goals or Objectives:

One of the major design accomplishments was to provide a small form factor keyset that used touchscreen technology, able to use existing inventory of operator headsets, and fit in a 2U console space occupied by older units.

Project Success Story:

Quintron has been providing mission critical communications for the Atlas and Delta IV launch vehicle programs for both the West Coast (VAFB) and East Coast (CCAS) launch sites.

Quintron had been supplying both Lockheed Martin and Boeing DICES communications systems for their individual launch programs at both Vandenberg AFB, CA and Cape Canaveral AS, FL. As these programs grew in size and scope Quintron provided both vendors with the current DICES system and associated components, many of which were backwards compatible to older systems. When both companies formed a joint venture under United Launch Alliance, they began to logically and strategically migrate and consolidate their operational resources. As part of that consolidation, ULA was looking for a common communications platform for all of their launch facilities, so their operators could easily transition when working on either the West or East coast. DICES VoIP was selected as a cost-effective and easy migration from the existing platforms to the new VoIP technology. The operator communications panel’s look, feel, and operate in a very similar fashion, as was the system administration functions, which made for a natural fit.

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