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Santa Maria-Bonita School District - Fairlawn Elementary Fire Alarm & Intercom Replacement

Project Description:

Total replacement of fire alarm and Bell/PA/Intercom system for Fairlawn Elementary School located in Santa Maria, CA.

Project Goals or Objectives:

Project had to be completed over the Summer while school is out of normal session. Project involves complete removal of an aging Fire Alarm and Bell/PA/Intercom System. Quintron’s scope included a total removal of the Analog Bell/PA system and replace it with an IP Based, Bell/PA/Intercom System. The new system will be used for Mass Notification, Bells, Public Address, Intercom and Fire Drills. The system provided is modular allowing for further upgrades and features as the District’s objectives change over the years.

Project Success Story:

Project is ongoing at this time. Project is scheduled to be completed by August 2018 prior to the next school year. This will be the third Bell/PA/Intercom System Quintron has installed for the Santa Maria-Bonita School District.

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