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NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC)

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) has many critical flight missions routinely supported with multiple control rooms and real-time changes as the norm. Radio interfaces are extensively used with distributed range assets and operating locations. AFRC has depended on DICES products for over twenty years with great success and still has some equipment delivered in 1990 in operation, although most have been replaced over the years with the DICES II to III upgrade path provided to assist DICES customers maintain functionality and investment. The initial DICES VoIP system purchased in 2005 was intended to allow IP distribution of range audio to customers who operate out of trailers and mobile shelters brought on base for flight testing. The NASA IT environment has never supported this option and so actual usage has been limited. Following a further technology refresh analysis, a decision was made in 2012 to move all DICES operational equipment over to VoIP platforms. This was planned as a 5-year incremental replacement program, starting in 2012 with expanded user license access, T1 Gateways and approx. 50 hardware user stations, including a new 2RU rack mount design that will provide drop-in replacement for the older DICES equipment without requiring any difficult and expensive control room console redesign.

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