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Supporting Your Security and Communications Needs

In today’s world of integrated platforms, rapidly evolving threats, accelerating technologies and wide-ranging solutions, Quintron stands above the competition in its ability to deliver mission focused, customer centered solutions to meet today’s security and communications challenges.


Do you have a challenge and you’re in search of a solution? Do you want a solution that will work the first time, fit within your budget while addressing the needs of your environment and your business? Quintron engineers and technicians can help you:

  • Identify security and communications solutions best suited to your project
  • Design options to be integrated into your security, communications or audio-visual solutions
  • Help you solve some of today’s most challenging issues
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Design Engineering

Communications challenge? Control room integration requirement? Video teleconferencing needs? Unified communications for your business or program? Access control or high value assets to protect? Quintron has the experience and capability to design and deliver a solution to meet your needs.

  • We can design and deliver your control center solution
  • We can design your access control and security monitoring solution
  • We can develop a fully integrated, requirements driven solution to achieve security and communications challenges
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Electrical Contracting

We support a wide range of projects from working within existing facilities modernizing technology solutions, participating in high and low voltage projects in construction of new facilities to the installation of complete audio, video, communications and security solutions.

  • We provide full electrical support to construction of new facilities to the modification of existing installations
  • We can design solutions or implement projects as specified by your design team
  • We support a full range of installations including fiber optic installation and splicing
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Equipment Selection and Installation

Do you need a trusted partner to support your acquisition process? Quintron knows you can’t be the expert on every system or solution. We have evaluated and worked with several communications and security system options and have years of experience working with a wide range of options.

  • We can help refine your requirements and narrow the field resulting in selection of the best option for your project
  • Quintron engineers and technicians can design a complete solution to meet your communications, security and audio-video needs
  • We can support the acquisition process, ensuring you get the best solution at the best price, when you need it
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Structured cabling, fiber optic installations, network solutions, and final installation of end item solutions for your control room, response center, classroom, conference facilities, or boardrooms. Quintron is a fully horizontally integrated provider of communications, security and surveillance solutions. Whether you need an entire solution designed and installed or you need the final technological solution installed within an existing environment, Quintron will support your project.

  • Quintron will work with you to refine your requirements and deliver a solution to achieve your objectives
  • Our engineers and technicians can design our solution or install a solution of your own
  • We can support your project from the onset, helping to define, refine, and document requirements, and support the acquisition process and installation
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Network Infrastructure

Quintron has extensive experience creating and installing network infrastructures on a wide range of demanding projects. Whether you are networking all the facilities within a hotel resort, upgrading a police station command center, modernizing your high school’s curriculum delivery system or providing state of the art solutions to your engineering team, Quintron has to experience to meet the demands of your project.

  • If you know your requirements, we can design your solution
  • If you have your design, we can install your solution
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Whether you’re protecting inventory, securing valuable assets, monitoring performance, tracking entry and access or recording the activities in and around your facility, Quintron can design and install the system to meet your needs.

  • We have developed solutions to monitor customers in public places, employees during the performance of daily operations, or facilities after hours
  • We can help you control, prevent, and monitor access to critical locations and restrict access to valuable or sensitive materials
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Unified Communications

Quintron has a long history of designing, developing, installing, operating and maintaining complex communications systems solutions. Whether using our proven Digital Integrated Communications Electronic System (DICES) solution or another platform, our engineers and technicians can meet your communications challenges.

  • Quintron can provide full spectrum support to achieve your integrated communications needs
  • Whether you operate in a power station, manage a space launch program, integrate test and training ranges, or communicate with the space station, we have the experience to meet your challenge
  • Quintron delivers fully integrated solutions for control centers, command centers, satellite monitoring, and K-12 and college classrooms
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Let's solve your challenge.