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Mission-Critical Communications

Together, any mission is possible.

Interoperable communications are critical to the safety and security of people and facilities, as well as for government and business continuity. First responders to local, regional, and national incidents require a fault tolerant, interoperable communications platform at the core of their mission. Quintron's DICES systems were designed, developed, and delivered specifically to support this essential requirement.

Our mission critical voice systems provide connectivity and interoperable communications in a point-to-point secure audio link, or on a multi-point conference basis with unlimited participants, or with connections to other types of disparate voice systems. Telephone-to-telephone, telephone-to-radio, radio-to-radio, encrypted circuits, or cellular service can all be interconnected to respond to critical incidents regardless of the type of technology or brand. In the field of interoperable communications platforms—Quintron is the industry leader.


Keep pace with the speed of modern business by uniting critical security and communications systems that impact and drive the success of your mission


Streamline the way you handle security and communications to eliminate waste, redundancies, and other inefficiencies


Connect dispersed teams during mission-critical operations to minimize risk and make better, faster decisions

Use Cases

The world’s most critical missions rely on Quintron.

Control Center Operations

Rocket Launches

Mission Support

Employee Safety

Department of Defense

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