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Secure & Surveil

Solutions Designed to Meet Today’s Demanding Climate

Government agencies, local municipalities, school districts, universities, and businesses have never been under greater pressure to provide effective security capabilities to protect property, personnel, students, and the public. Quintron’s communications and security systems engineers produce solutions that enhance security, provide surveillance, and streamline the communications exchange.

Quintron delivers installations suited for a broad range of customers and requirements. We perform structured cabling and fiber optic installations, network installation and set-up, fully integrated audio video systems, closed circuit TV, surveillance systems, and access control solutions. 95% of our work flows from repeat customers impressed with our people, thrilled with our performance, and extremely pleased with our quality.


Provide insight into outside and inside forces that influence the safety and security of your people, property, and profits.


Protect what’s yours by controlling access to sensitive, valuable, or otherwise restricted areas.


Obtain reliable video and audio surveillance evidence to solve problems, manage risks, and meet compliance requirements.

Use Cases

Because you can't stand watch 24/7, learn how organizations like yours utilize the security and surveillance solutions of Quintron.

Mission Support

Video and Teleconferencing

Physical Access Control

Employee Safety

Employee Surveillance



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