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HR Applicant Privacy Statement


This careers website is operated by and on behalf of Quintron Systems, Inc.

Quintron is committed to protecting the privacy of anyone who applies for employment or other engagement with Quintron (“Applicants”).

We set out below information regarding Quintron’s collection, analysis, disclosure and other use of Applicants’ personal information. If you accept employment with or are otherwise engaged by Quintron we will, of course, collect more information about you and make other uses of your information – this will be explained to you at the commencement of your employment.

Information Collected from Applicants

Where do you collect information from?

Quintron collects information about Applicants in the course of the recruitment process. Some of this information is collected directly from you (for example, in forms that you are asked to complete, or in interviews or through the completion of tests). Other information is generated automatically when you use or otherwise interact with Quintron’s systems (for example, our website logs IP addresses, the type of operating system that your computer uses, the type of browser software you use, and the pages you access); or provided to us by third parties (for example, recruitment agencies, referees and educational institutions), including by third party service providers or publicly available sources for anti-money-laundering, background checking and similar purposes, and to protect our business and comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

What types of information do you collect?

The information we collect about Applicants includes:

  • basic information about yourself, such as name, contact details and information provided to verify your identity
  • information regarding your employment and educational history, any role or roles for which you are applying or being considered and your relevant personal interests, attributes and career aspirations and plans
  • other information about yourself that you provide in a resume, application or similar document
  • subject to applicable law, information regarding racial or ethnic origin, age, gender, religious or other philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation and disability, which we collect for equality of opportunity monitoring purposes, only with your explicit consent

Generally, you should assume that, if we ask you for information, we need it for our recruitment purposes. In some cases, we may not be able to consider your application if you cannot provide information that we request. There may be occasions where we need information to comply with a legal obligation, or conversely where provision of information is entirely optional and would not affect your application – we will let you know if this is the case.

Our Use of Your Information

How do you use the information you collect about me?

We use Applicant information in accordance with applicable law to manage the recruitment process and assess you for employment or other engagement, to monitor and improve our recruitment processes and for related purposes (including equality of opportunity monitoring), compliance with law and regulation, ensuring the security of our business and purposes relating to legal claims made by or against us.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

If you are unsuccessful in your application, we may also retain your Applicant information and use it to assess your suitability for future positions and roles within the organization, with your consent or where required by applicable law.

Will you ask for my consent?

We are entitled to use, disclose and otherwise process Applicants’ (and former Applicants’) information as described in this notice because we need to do so for the purposes set out above. We do not rely on Applicants’ consent to collect, use or otherwise process their personal information other than in exceptional circumstances where our processing is genuinely optional (for example, collection of certain information for equality of opportunity monitoring as discussed above in section 2)– in those circumstances we will ask for your consent.

Disclosure of Applicant Information

Who do you disclose my information to?

Quintron may disclose Applicant information, where reasonably necessary for the various purposes:

  • recruitment agencies working with us in relation to your potential recruitment
  • other service providers processing Applicant information on our behalf in the course of supporting our business and operations
  • a person who takes over our business and assets, or relevant parts of them
  • other Quintron entities
  • third parties to whom Quintron is required to disclose information by law or regulatory requirement (including litigation counterparties)
  • competent regulatory and prosecuting authorities

If you give us names of potential referees, we may disclose the fact that you are applying to work with us to them when we ask them for references.

You may contact Human Resources at hr@quintron.com for more detailed information on privacy.