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Under Contract to COLSA in support of the Missile Defense Agency

A VoIP expansion of the communication assets in building 1768 on Vandenberg Air Force Base, in support of the MDA test facility. The existing system was a DICES IV TDM switch that the project out grew. It supported both red and black communication on one core switch. When the MDA scope required expansion from 47 to 97 operations personnel it was decided to upgrade the entire facility to VoIP consoles. The VoIP system was granted an Authority To Operate (ATO) to process dual classification voice on a single VoIP server.

The older DICES IV system was left in place to provide isolation between the VAFB range assets and the classified assets. Quintron integrated both the TDM application which was resident on a separate server into the new fault-tolerant server giving higher reliability and ease of maintenance. This system also passed DISA STIG MAC II Classified hardening.

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