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Golden Inn & Village - HACSB

Project Description:

Located in Santa Ynez, California, this 150-unit complex was built for low-income seniors to reside in a comfortable, supportive environment that meets the needs as they age. Quintron Systems provided an enterprise class surveillance system that provides coverage of the entire complex, providing visibility for the staff running and maintaining this development.

Project Goals or Objectives:

The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara needed a fully designed, enterprise class surveillance system to meet their safety objectives. Quintron Systems provided a multi-camera system along with the supporting infrastructure for all of the structured cabling and backbone system required for a system of this magnitude. The surveillance systems major components are constantly monitored for performance and health status to ensure all of the security equipment is fully functional at all times.

Project Success Story:

The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara has been most pleased with this installation. The system has been an invaluable resource in ensuring the safety of their residents.

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